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The SOS Online Speaker Series provides an avenue for accomplished members in the Houston community to share their secrets of success and experiences with SOS class students and the general SOS community. This weekly series provides a medium for continuous learning on a wide variety of topics related to World History, Politics, Mindfulness, Investment and Trading, Future of Houston - Post COVID19, and many more. Speakers from varied backgrounds and areas of accomplishment are invited to speak and participate in panels at highly interactive online sessions on Zoom. Please contact if you would like to join any upcoming session.

Meet an Artist: Rathna Kumar

SOS is excited to announce our upcoming session Meet an Artist series with our guest speaker Rathna Kumar. Rathna Kumar started her dance journey as a 4-year-old, and her professional career as a performing solo dancer began at the young age of 9.

She has specialized in two dance forms - Bharatnatyam and Kuchipudi and also a wonderful scholar, linguist, singer, public speaker, and a published author. Please find the flyer below to read about the journey, awards, accomplishments, events, and more of Rathna Kumar.
SOS Speaker Series -Meet Sri Preston Kulkarni - 14th oct 2020 6PM

Topic: Meet Sri Preston Kulkarni

SOS is glad and excited to announce our upcoming Speaker Session with honorary Guest Mr. Sri Preston Kulkarni, Democrat for Congress. Sri Preston Kulkarni is running for US Congress in Texas’s 22nd Congressional District. It would be a great opportunity to learn and know more about his journey, vision, accomplishments, and experiences.

Topic: Meet An Artist (Series) - Guest Speaker Anuradha Subramanian

SOS is delighted to announce this week's session, and the guest speaker is one of our very own SOS member Anuradha Subramanian.
Anuradha is an accomplished Indian classical dancer and Carnatic musician and educator. She is well-traveled, multi-lingual, and holds a Guinness Book of World Records for being the oldest Kuchipudi Rangapravesam dancer and enthralled audiences with dance solos even when she was 65.  She is also is proud to share with the SOS family her relationship with Shyamala Gopalan Harris, the mother of Democratic Party V.P. Candidate Kamala Harris.

Topic: College Education and Writing/Publishing during current COVID times

SOS is honored and proud to present an award-winning author, poet, activist, and teacher, Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni. She is the author of 18 books such as Mistress of Spices, Sister of My Heart, Oleander Girl, Before We Visit the Goddess, and Palace of Illusions. 

Life After COVID

SOS is proud to present a truly versatile leader, Mr. Ramesh Anand: an entrepreneur, triathlete, and community leader with deep prior experience as an executive consultant who can share his unique perspective on what is ahead after COVD-19.

Life After COVID

In this session, we have two very accomplished guest speakers Veer Vasishta and Atul Vir co-ordinated by our SOS member Nikhil Shah. The topic for this week is Life After COVID (Post Covid-19 Series), a brief discussion on how they are personally dealing with COVID and lessons and tips that they can share from their experience, which will have a great impact as we plan for our future.

Investments and Trading

In this session, we have 3 guest speakers - Dilip Bhojwani, Anand Marphatia, Shivaji Dasgupta for this session who have decades of experience in options, investments, and trading. The goal of the session is the goal to educate the group on different stock market investment strategies with their expertise. It is very relevant for today's world to understand and educate on various investment strategies.

Empathy Vs Ego

Qusai will discuss on Empathy and how it relates to Ego.  This is one of the topics we cover in the SOS class – so this will be a revision for some of you.  Empathy & Ego are just one piece of the puzzle.


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Post COVID19 - Economic Impact

Biki will have an open discussion about how we can look back to the economic impact of the previous outbreaks vs the post COVID economy. Historians’ perspectives on how the past informs the present.

Vision of Houston - Post COVID19

In this session, Biki will cover two very relevant topics

#1 How do we make decisions about the future?
#2 Why and how the major powers in India, China and Japan react to the challenges from the Europeans (related Biki's article is attached)

SOS Speaker - Biki Mohindra

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The Law of Attraction (Part 2) by Qusai

The Law of Attraction covers two topics:

  • Action v/s Daydreaming.
  • Adversity and how to change what comes into your experience.


Learnings from History and how it relates to the post COVID economy - By Biki Mohindra

Biki will have an open discussion about how we can look back to the economic impact of the previous outbreaks vs the post COVID economy. Historians’ perspectives on how the past informs the present.

Destiny versus Free Will - By Qusai Mahesri

This session will discuss on Destiny and how that plays a role if we can manifest our desires and takes a deeper dive into this question. Qusai will set the stage with a point of view on both sides of this question- Destiny v/s Free Will.

From the Forests to the Prairies by Biki

In this session, Biki will discuss how humanity evolved. The time frame is 70,0000 years ago. He will discuss the cause, problems, technology, results and the responses.

Reference Article: From the Forests to the Prairies


Energy | Body | Mind | 7 Chakras By Qusai Mahesri

In this session, Qusai discusses about defining the “Energy” body and connecting it to the physical body.  He will also discuss the 7 chakras and their relevance to our life.  It will be a 2 part discussion with the 3 base chakras in the first session and cover the other 4 higher chakras in a subsequent session.

View Recording (Part 2)
View Recording (Part 1)

Art of Energy by Qusai Mahesri

A refreshing session to generate positive vibrations and create a ripple effect of positive energy amidst all the fear and negativity around us.


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The Art of Asking and Receiving by Qusai Mahesri

Law of Attraction and how we can manifest our own reality. The session will focus on the idea of co-creating with the cosmos and the Art of Asking and the Art of Receiving.

Major Resets in History by Biki Mohindra

Major resets in history

  • Spanish flu -1918
  • The black plague 1347

And the economic impact of these.