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Share Our Secrets (SOS) Life Series: Wealth Building Score Card

A question frequently asked is how does one know if you are on track for a comfortable retirement?

There are so many variables as a person goes through a life journey. For example, the annual salary grows over a lifespan. A spouse may enter or leave the workforce, and this may affect your annual earnings in a big way.

You may lose your job for a period of time or you may change careers.

Just when you think that you are on track, the children may enter college and have a material impact on your net wealth. We have searched for answers to these questions and we have some good news.

The goal in this program is to end up with 10 times your annual salary at the time of retirement..

In most cities, the average median income is about $50,000 per annum. To be considered affluent, the average median income needs to be above $100,000 per annum. Generally, the incomes are higher than these levels in the East coast (New York-NJ -Conn.) and the West Coast (California – Oregon) and are lower in the Southern and Midwestern states.

Most immigrant families from South Asia used to strive to achieve an annual income above $100,000 per year. Their second-generation seems to strive for family incomes above $200,000 per year. This makes the South Asian immigrants one of the highest-earning groups in this country.

The next table gives a snapshot of how wealth is distributed in the USA.

There are 126 million households in this country and the table below shows the wealth distribution among them

Wealth Percent

In future articles, we will cover how families can strive to vastly increase their intergenerational wealth and take advantage of the tax laws which promote that growth. Compounding over time and tax exemptions are the two most important variables in building vast amounts of wealth.


Ranvir “Biki” Mohindra is the chairman emeritus of Share Our Secrets (SOS). SOS students credit Mr. Mohindra with teaching the secrets of getting ahead in professional career and personal life.

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