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Thank you for giving of your time and of yourself so selflessly to me and to countless others in this world. We are all that much better because you have lived.


After going thru the SoS class and after spending many hours talking / musing with Biki I finally understood the true meaning of the quote from the book ‘I am That’ : “Once you realize that the road is the goal and that you are always on the road, not to reach a goal, but to enjoy its beauty and its wisdom, life ceases to be a task and becomes natural and simple, in itself an ecstasy.” Thanks Biki for showing me the road! Qusai Mahesri, President – Xpediant Solutions


Learned: A high level perspective on world history like no other that I have been taught. Biki’s version combines politics, religion, economics amongst many other disciplines in a logical and simple easy to understand way. Swapan Dubey, MD – Emergency Medicine



If I have to sum it all up, it would be that being around Mr. Mohindra and the meetings that I have had with him has helped me to have a better self image. The next thing that I have learned is not to over do things and let things happen and come to me. Zarir Sethna, President – Sethna Financial Group




I want to express my deepest gratitude for imparting your wisdom upon me and believing in me. You have inspired me to reshape my perspectives and pursue worthy goals with hard work and dedication.

Shafiq Shivji



The answers to life are complicated and long-winded. Thank you Biki for helping me start the journey towards the answers.Ajay Sarpeshkar



Everybody has an opinion on what needs to change, but only a few help do the changing. Thank you for helping make the world a better place – a handful at a time. Thank you for sharing your stories and secrets. Thank you for believing in my abilities. Thank you for your unwavering encouragement. Kamal Kishore Verma



The most important lesson that I have learnt from Mr. Mohindra is to first allow yourself to unlearn the lessons that are prohibiting you to change; relearn new ones and make the change. It’s a process and thank you Biki uncle for explaining it to me over and over again.Sayli Kulkarni



After joining SOS, I have learned that there is a solution to each and every problem. You should just have a positive approach to solve it. Thanks for being my Mentor. Looking forward to many more interesting mentoring sessions.Manasi Gokhale



I learned the importance of believing in yourself and having a positive self image.Zal Sethna




The SOS class has taught me important life skills which I have been able to apply to my life in a professional setting. I think the biggest change has come in how I interact with my direct manager. Over time, I had made myself distant from him as I did not enjoy his style of managing. But the SOS class has made me realize through the usage of life maps that for me to be happy at work, I need to improve that relationship. I have started developing a more friendly relationship with him which has had a direct impact on my motivation level at work and a dramatic improvement to my efficiency at work.

Siddharth Dar


I have learnt so much from Biki from history to religion, from abstract principals to specific solutions, from the art of story telling to the art of giving back. Biki is a man of multifacets and skills who never ceases to give and I never cease to take in the knowledge, lessons and wisdom. Thank you for all that you do for us! Tyna Pariani



SOS, As it talks of many ways of making your life easier. one of the concept that I benefited most and applied most is the concept of an Handle. and if you are SOS alumni you know what I am talking about. Also one the recommended reads of the class ” The Road less Traveled” has changed my inward and outward journey. Inward it helped me figured out what I want and on outward journey it has helped me Identify goals and paths and build a life map. BIKI is been geographer of this map. He Identified, agreed and criticized the route I mapped during all the personal sessions I had with him ( Warning:- be ready to loose the sleep for next few days).

Amit Patil

Thank you so much for your kindness and support by leading SOS. This organization has been a truly transformative experience beyond my greatest expectations. I have learned tremendously about the power of negotiating, the rules of engagement, and playing to win. I salute you Sir! Briseida Luna

I learned many techniques and concepts in SOS, however one key concept from the course was the life/energy maps. The maps were a visual representation of my life, hence it allowed me to focus on the most significant influences and experiences in my life. The maps helped me discover what I want for myself and my life; the exercise gave me newfound motivation! I appreciate the opportunity to learn from you Mr. Mohindra — you are a remarkable man! Sonya Singh